Friday, 16 February 2018

Newsletter #22

February 16th Edition of
The K/1 Class News

Hello Everyone!
Here are some highlights from our week:

Monday there was no school due to the Family Day holiday. We hoe you enjoyed the long weekend.

On Tuesday the class was excited to have baby Max visit again during Roots of Empathy. We worked in our journals and also studied earthworms outside. The class worked on breaking up sentences into words and then recreating meaningful sentences during our Oral Language Groups.

Wednesday was Valentines Day! The kids had a fun day. Thanks to the parents who sent in snacks to share, it always makes these days more special. We had Jodi from UVIC visiting and she enjoyed her time. The class went on a number hunt during math and we learned about the First Nations legend of why Mt. Maxwell is bent over while we were visiting the bog.

Thursday Mrs. Van Riel was home sick so Mr. B. covered the class. The kids had free choice in gym, went to Whole School Meeting and Music. Later they learned about shapes in nature.

Friday was a school day and was also Ms. Klare’s first day back in our class. The kids practiced their printing, enjoyed centres time and created natural mandalas outside. Welcome back Ms. Klare.

Next Thursday we plan on taking a walking field trip down to Pebble Beach. We will leave the school at 1pm and be back in time for busses and pick up at the end of the day. If anyone would like to join us on our adventure please let us know. We always appreciate an extra adult or two when walking on the road; however we will be taking the back way so traffic will be light.    

Important dates to remember:
February 22 Walk to Pebble Beach
February 28 Pink Shirt Day
March 8 Early dismissal for Student Led Conferences

Ara and Klare

                             A counting activity around the room.      

Creating mud monsters in the forest after hearing the First Nations legend of how Mt. Maxwell became hunched over. 


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