Thursday, 15 March 2018

Newsletter #26

March 15th Edition of
The K/1 Class News

Hello Everyone, here is the last newsletter before the break.

This week on Monday we celebrated 100 days of school! For 100s day we did many activities revolving around the number 100. We had gym outside which was great on such a beautiful day. We also attended a one-woman circus performance at the end of day. Everyone enjoyed this interesting show.

Tuesday we started parachute games in the gym, wrote about opposites in journals and had Roots of Empathy. Later, the class was thrilled to crack open the piñata they had filled on 100s day and we played “find a tree” in the forest.

On Wednesday we played a math game with dice focusing on adding, we created spring inspired art and had centres. After lunch recess we went on our walking fieldtrip to the beach. We were all thankful for the sunny afternoon and everyone had a nice time exploring the beach.

Thursday was our last day together before the break and PJ day. We worked on syllables in the morning and then went to Whole School Meeting and Music. Later we cleaned up the classroom and explored the forest.

Important dates to remember:
April 3 School back in session
April 6 School in session
April 26 Spring Showcase

We hope you all have an enjoyable Spring Break, whatever it is you get up to. Hopefully be the time we return to school spring will be here in full force.  

Ara and Klare

Franky using loose parts to count to 100 

                                             Playing "Find a Tree" in the forest

  Music in the woods!

 Fun times at the beach!



Thursday, 8 March 2018

Newsletter #25

March 8th Edition of
The K/1 Class News

Hello Everyone, one more week to go until Spring Break!

This week on Monday we started skipping games in gym and Baby Max came to visit - he's grown 5 blocks more since we first measured him! We went to the Library to check out new books. Please send back any overdue books so that your child can sign out a new book. Everyone is very excited about 100s day (the 100th day at school) next Monday. 

Tuesday we worked with the “magic” word ‘and’ and looked at how it can link two ideas together. Everyone worked on adding ideas together in their journals. We had our last Oral Language groups until after the break, in which we worked on syllables. Later we practiced oral storytelling in nature and the kids loved it!

On Wednesday we practiced addition and subtraction, made beautiful spring art and the grade 1’s had their first practice doing readers theatre. Later we continued practicing for the Student Led Conferences.

Thursday was a half-day to accommodate the Student Led Conferences. The kids worked hard to prepare for this day and took a lot of pride in sharing their growth and knowledge. Thanks for taking the time to come share in this experience with your child.  

Important dates to remember:
March 16 First day of Spring Break
April 3 School back in session

Ara and Klare

The kids used things found in nature to make up stories using characters, setting, a problem and a solution. What fun!

Some of the students sharing their work with their parents during the Student Led Conferences.



Thursday, 1 March 2018

Newsletter #24

March 1st Edition of
The K/1 Class News

Happy weekend Everyone!
As most of you are aware, we have had a lot of ongoing sickness in the class. It is normal for this time of year but please be sure to keep your child home if they are very unwell. Also, we must have a bunch of growth spurts going on as many of the kids are polishing off all of their food and needing more. We do have some food for those in need but perhaps ask your child if they need a bigger lunch.

Here are the notes about the week:

On Monday the class practiced printing, went to the library and played badminton in gym. Later we erupted the volcano - big excitement - and enjoyed an outside snack and story (picnic). We also shared our story drawings with big buddy class.

Tuesday the class started learning about syllables in our Oral Language Groups and did great. We continue to work on target practice in the gym and had our Roots of Empathy class. Everyone enjoyed creating some dinosaur art with Ms. Klare.

Wednesday was Pink Shirt Day. It was great to see all the bright pink shirts around the school in support of anti-bullying. The class practiced making addition equations and got a little messy making letter art.  

Thursday Mrs. Van Riel was home sick. Ms. Lee was in as the teacher. The kids had free choice in gym, played a game using the beginning sound of things and went to Whole School Meeting and Music.  

*Reminder: March 8th will be an early dismissal day for the Student Led Conferences. This is a mandatory activity as it is considered your child’s report card. If you cannot make it on the 8th we will reschedule. Buses will run as usual and will leave the school at 11:30am. Please sign up for a meeting slot on the Google doc shared with you. If you have trouble using the Google doc, you can request a time and we can fill it in for you. Remember to arrive 15-20 minutes before your meeting time to go through the learning stations with your child.

Registration for the 2018-2019 school year is now open! If you know of anyone with a child turning five this year, please advise them to see Tania in the office to register for Kindergarten.

Important dates to remember:
March 8 Early dismissal for Student Led Conferences
March 16 First day of Spring Break
April 3 School back in session

Ara and Klare

                              Finding and matching sight words

                       "Look! I made a sentence!" It says, "I love you".



Newsletter #20

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