Thursday, 8 February 2018

Newsletter #21

February 8th Edition of
The K/1 Class News

Greetings Everyone!
Although we are technically still in winter, it is hard not to feel that spring is around the corner. Buds are starting to open and flowers are shooting up all over the place!

On Monday we started learning about the “Uu” team of letters (U, V, X, Y and Z). It was surprising to learn how difficult the children found it to remember these letters when starting at this unusual spot. You could try making a game of it at home, or in the car, by giving them a random letter to start reciting the alphabet from and see how they do. We also worked on a spring art project and had free choice in the gym.

Tuesday was the first day the Math Playground was set up in the gym. The kids had fun exploring some of the different math games. Later we worked in our journals (they are really getting good at this) and learned about how a group of words make up a sentence in our Oral Language Groups.

On Wednesday we continued with the Math Playground, worked on ‘making ten’ and practiced our reading. Later we worked on the school mural. This project is really starting to come to life and the kids are taking pride in their work.

Thursday we had our last day with the Math Playground, we made Valentines Day cards, went to the Whole School Meeting and Music class. Later we practiced our reading and enjoyed the sunny day outside.

Next Wednesday is Valentines Day. If your child chooses to bring cards or anything to school, we ask that they bring one for everyone. We have made little bags to collect the cards in. A class list was sent out last week but if you need the names again please let us know. We will be having a shared snack on Valentines Day. If you would like to send something to share, the kids would be sure to enjoy it.  

Important dates to remember:
February 12 Family Day (no school)
February 14 Valentines Day/class party
February 16 School in session (Ms. Klare’s first day teaching in our class)
February 28 Pink Shirt Day

Ara and Kaz

                        Jude practicing his writing during centres 

                                    Franky and Mina painting

                                                David having fun with water play
                              They boys working in the store

                           Eli building at the light table


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