Thursday, 26 October 2017

Newsletter #8

October 26th Edition of
The K/1 Class News

What a beautiful week! We all enjoyed the sunny days and warm weather.

On Monday we continued to learn about the 'a team' which includes the letters a, b, c, d, e, f, and g. We visited the library and chose a new book. We also began the 'Friends' program. It is a program designed to teach friendship skills and resilience to children aged 4 to 7. We also drew family portraits and shared some of our favourite things to do, eat, and play.

On Tuesday we practiced balancing beanbags in the gym, had our Oral Language groups and welcomed Quentin Harris back to the class. Quentin taught the kids a traditional First Nations game, very fun! Later in the afternoon we created patterns in nature.

Wednesday the kids practiced their math in a number race game and we wrapped up our spider unit by creating a class book about why we like spiders.

Thursday was pizza day! The class all enjoyed the hot lunch. We also went to our Whole School Meeting where Franky, Emma, Jude and Roscoe read their pages from the spider book to the school. Later our big buddies came down to read counting books they had made to the class and we explored the swamp. The kids were thrilled to see that the swamp is still dry and they could run around the clearing.

We will be having a Hallowe’en Party next Tuesday afternoon starting at 1:30pm and the children are encouraged to come to school in their costume (please leave weapon parts at home). If you would like to send along a healthy treat to share with the class we will have a shared snack in the afternoon. Feel free to pop in!

November 1st will be PJ day! Come to school in your jammies.

November is a very busy month! Please take note of the upcoming events.

Dates to remember:
Oct. 31 Halloween! Class party in the afternoon
Nov. 1 PJ day
Nov. 8 Fulford Remembrance Day Assembly
Nov. 13 School closed for Remembrance Day Holiday (No school on the Friday!)
Nov. 20 Photo retakes
Nov. 21-23 Book Fair
Nov. 29 Early Dismissal for Student Led Conferences (this is considered your child’s report card so it is important to be available on this day. Sign up sheet to come).

Have a lovely weekend.

Ara and Kaz

                   Quentin teaching the class a traditional First Nations game. 

   Making patterns in nature.                                      Playing in the forest.                                                 

                                                                          Our class!  

                                                       Reading with our big buddies. 

                             Finding friends while exploring the swamp.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Newsletter #7

October 19th Edition of
The K/1 Class News

Greetings Everyone!
This week was another busy one! We welcomed Ms. Klare into the class for her observation week. She will be back at the end of the month to complete her practicum.

Monday the class visited the library, made monster and pumpkin art and started learning about the “A Team” (the letters a, b, c, d, e, f and g).

On Tuesday we worked on writing in our journals, made spiders, and worked on counting numbers 0-10 in nature. We are working on balancing in the gym.

Wednesday we played a rhyming game, started exploring numbers with a ten frame and talked about seasonal changes. That afternoon we braved the rain and went to the pumpkin patch at Bon Acres Farm. It was wet but a lot of fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy the trip.

Thursday we had an Earthquake drill and went on a rhyming word hunt around the room. The class went to music and we all enjoyed teaming up with our big buddy class for centres time.

We still need a class rep. for communicating information to the class parents. One of the main responsibilities will be to activate the phone chain in case of a snow day. If you are willing to be this person please let us know.

We are having a pizza day coming up on Oct. 26. Order forms were sent home this week. If your child would like a pizza lunch, please return the form/$ by Monday.

Dates to Remember:
Oct. 24 Photo Day
Oct. 26 Pizza Day
Oct. 31 Halloween and class party in the afternoon.

Have a great weekend!
Ara and Kaz
                                           The pumpkin patch!

                                            Buddy reading 

                                               Big buddies

Friday, 13 October 2017

Newsletter #6

October 13th Edition of
The K/1 Class News

Happy Friday Everyone!
We have had another eventful week.

Monday was Thanksgiving so the school was closed.

On Tuesday we played a rhyming game, created spider web art and hunted for spider webs in nature. We also continued learning about story sequence in our oral language learning groups that afternoon.

Wednesday we learned about fire safety and had our first fire drill. Everyone acted very responsibly. We also worked with numbers and patterns in math, went on a lion hunt in P.E. and spent time with our special tress in the forest.

On Thursday we wrote about our Halloween experiences as part of a School Wide Write, practiced our balancing skills in the gym, went to our Whole School Meeting and had Music class. Later, we went up to our big buddy class (gr. 3-4) and they helped us make spider booklets.

Friday was a school day and PJ day! The kids always enjoy coming to school in their cozy jammies. We had a fun day creating art, playing a math game, going to the library and playing in the gym.  

On Wednesday, October 18th, we are going on to Bon Acres farm and the pumpkin patch. We will be leaving the school at 12:45pm and taking the school bus to and from the farm. Each child will get to pick out a pumpkin to bring home! We will return to the school at the end of the day (2:45pm). If your child is catching the bus home that day we may need to keep the pumpkin at school to be picked up at a later time if they can't carry it. Please hand in the $8/permission slip by Tuesday at the latest.

Next week we will be welcoming Klare Yakabuski, a student teacher from Vancouver Island University, in to the class. She will be helping teach in our class for November and part of December as she completes her final practicum. 

Here are the important dates again that are coming up. 
October 18- Field trip to the pumpkin patch.
October 19- PAC movie night
October 24- Picture day

Have a nice weekend.
Ara and Kaz
                                   Some Firefighter inspired play!

          Some of the kids drawing in their nature journals by their special trees.

                                       Having fun in the forest!

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Newsletter #5

October 5th Edition of
The K/1 Class News

Greetings Everyone!

On Monday we made turkey hats, looked for the letter B in the morning message and practiced making the letter B sound. Please ask your child to show you how to make the letter B sound (with your hand under your chin). We also went to the library. Please remember to return the books each week.

On Tuesday we started our oral language learning groups. Olive Mann and Colleen Belliveau joined Kaz and I to run small group workshops. This program will run every Tuesday. We also wrote in our journals about what we were thankful for and learned some new games in the gym.

Wednesday we had fun cutting and peeling apples for applesauce! Thanks to Julia, Caroline and Cynthia for coming in to help. On Wednesday we also worked on counting apples and talked about why leaves change colour in the fall.

Thursday was our Garden Harvest Lunch. What a treat! It was so nice to gather as a school and enjoy the wonderful food each class helped to make. A big thanks to all the parents and students who helped make this happen. At our whole school meeting, Jude and Roscoe presented their artwork to the school and we started a unit on spiders.

The kids have enjoyed sharing their special items from home on their show and tell day. Next week they are encouraged to bring something that begins with the letter ‘Cc’. Here is the list again:

Monday/Friday: Ava, Cruiz and David
Tuesday: Daynin, Eli, Elizabeth and Emma
Wednesday: Franky, Jude and Mina
Thursday: Oliver, Roscoe and Sylvio

We still haven’t found a Class Rep for our class. If you would be willing to take this on please let us know.

There are a number of important dates coming up for you to mark down in your calendars.

October 9- Thanksgiving- schools closed
October 13- School in session and PJ day!
October 18- Fieldtrip to the pumpkin patch (Permission slip will be sent home next week).
October 24- Picture day

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ara and Kaz

                      Here are some of the kids preparing the apple sauce!

Our collection of fall leaves. Notice the different colours.

                                We traced our shadows with chalk!

Newsletter #6

October 18th Edition  of The Kindergarten Class News Happy Friday Everyone! We have had another eventful week. The class continue...