Thursday, 25 October 2018

Newsletter #6

October 25th Edition of
The Kindergarten Class News

Although it ended in rain, it was a beautiful week. 

On Monday we continued to learn about printing and practiced the lowercase letter ‘f’. We visited the library and chose a new book. In PE we set up activity stations and then spent time observing our special trees in the forest.

Tuesday was picture day! The kids did a great job waiting for their turn to have their school photo taken. Proofs will be sent home when they arrive and orders are done online. If your child was away, they may get their photos taken when they schedule retakes. Later that day we talked about warm and cool colours and made leaf art. The forest was closed due to a cougar sighting in the area so we played field games instead.

On Wednesday the kids practiced their numbers in math, played a rhyming game and learned about the traditional uses of the wild rose-hip. We all gathered and brewed rosehip tea to try in the afternoon. 

Thursday we welcomed Aurelia, a new student, into our class! Everyone was very excited to meet her and help her settle in. Thursday was also pizza day. The class all enjoyed the hot lunch. We went to our Whole School Meeting where Drew and Poppy showed their art to the school, and later we worked on storytelling in our Oral Language groups. 

Once again, we have now started our regular show and tell rotations. Each week your child has a day to bring in one item from home to show to the class. Please keep in mind that each day has a number of kids assigned to it so if your child misses his or her day we may not have time to fit them in on a different day. Here are the days again:
Mondays/Fridays: Caleb, Chet, Drew, Emma and Elijah
Tuesdays: Galini, Grace, Harvey, Jace and Aurelia
Wednesdays: Jamie, Jasmine, Marrella and Poppy
Thursdays: Rowan, Silka, Stqye’ye, West and Violet
Next week we are looking for items that begin with the letter ‘Bb’.

We will be having a Hallowe’en Party on Wednesday the 31st starting at 1:30pm.The children are encouraged to come to school in their costume (please leave weapon parts at home). If you would like to send along a healthy snack to share with the class we will have a shared snack and celebration in the afternoon. Feel free to pop in! 

November 1st will be PJ day! Come to school in your jammies. 

Dates to remember:
Oct. 31 Halloween! Class party in the afternoon
Nov. 1 PJ day
Nov. 12 School closed for Remembrance Day Holiday 
Nov. 16 School in session but early dismissal for StudentLed Conferences.(This is considered your child’s report card so it is important to be available on this day. Sign up sheet to come).
Nov. 19 Photo retakes

Have a lovely weekend.

Ara Van Riel

Math stations

Working with the letter 'Aa'

 Drawing our special trees

 Warm and cool colour art

Enjoying the season!

Making letters with our bodies
"E and L"

"T and J"

"H and O"

Trying our rosehip tea

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Newsletter #5

October 18th Edition of
The Kindergarten Class News

Greetings Everyone!
We had another beautiful week! Here are some highlights to keep you in the loop.  

Monday the class visited the library (please be sure to send back the library books each week so your child can sign out a new one), made sneaky cat art and practiced printing the lowercase letter t. In the forest, the children all chose a special tree. They will work with and observe this tree throughout the year.

On Tuesday we worked on writing in our journals, sung the “Alphabet Rap” and went to the Pumpkin Patch! What a beautiful day for a trip to the farm. Thanks to the parents who came along to help.

Wednesday we played another letter matching game, a pumpkin math game and practiced our reading. Later the class made paper bats and we explored the forest.

Thursday we had an Earthquake drill in the morning. Everyone did very well staying calm and organized. Later our class read, “Five Little Pumpkins” at the Whole School Meeting. They did a great job reading in front of the whole school! Well done! The class also went to music and made leaf prints outside.

We have all really enjoyed the All About Me presentations. Next week we start our regular show and tell rotations. I ask that children bring only one item on their day and that any weapon toys be kept at home. To make it a little more interesting, we will try to bring in items that start with a different letter of the alphabet each week. We will start next week with the letter Aa.

Here is the weekly order:
Mondays/Fridays: Caleb, Chet, Drew, Emma and Elijah
Tuesdays: Galini, Grace, Harvey and Jace
Wednesdays: Jamie, Jasmine, Marrella and Poppy
Thursdays: Rowan, Silka, Stqye’ye, West and Violet

Dates to Remember:
Oct. 23 Photo Day
Oct. 25 Pizza Day and Scholastic orders due (you can order online)
Oct. 31 Halloween and class party in the afternoon.

Have a great weekend!

Our Sneaky Cats

Outside games

Making money and playing store

Pumpkin math

Our trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Making leaf prints

Forest play

Friday, 12 October 2018

Newsletter #4

October 12th Edition of
The Kindergarten Class News

Happy Friday Everyone!
We have had another eventful week. 

Monday was Thanksgiving so the school was closed.

On Tuesday we wrote about our weekend in journals, created beautiful pumpkin art and used berries etc. to paint in nature. We also welcomed some firefighters in to educate us on fire safety. 

Wednesday we worked on counting and number recognition in a math game, talked about what honour means to us with Quentin and had buddy reading. Kaz worked with the class on friendship and we played in the forest.

On Thursday we had our Whole School Meeting (West, Emma and Jamie presented their pumpkin paintings in front of the school), went to music class and continued to work on story sequencing in our weekly Oral Language groups. Later we learned about bus safety from a local school bus driver and went to the forest.

Friday was a school day. The class worked on printing their names with the appropriate lowercase letters, worked with the Five Little Pumpkins story and then walked to the beach! It turned out to be a beautiful day and everyone had a great time exploring the seashore. We rode the bus back to school to finish it off. Thanks to everyone who came to help our class make the walk there safely. Library was cancelled today but will happen again on Monday.

Next Tuesday, October 16th, we are going on to Bon Acres farm and the pumpkin patch. We will be leaving the school at 1pm and taking the school bus to and from the farm. Each child will get to pick out a pumpkin to bring home! We will return to the school at the end of the day (2:45pm). Please hand in the $5/permission slip by Monday at the latest. 

As you know, we have now started our home reading program. Please try to keep the purple folder, book, and planner in the plastic bag and return it each school day so your child can exchange their book. I hope you enjoy this reading time with your child.

Pizza day is coming up on Oct. 25! Order forms were sent home in the planner bag if you wish to order any for your child.

Here are the important dates again that are coming up. 
October 16- Field trip to the pumpkin patch.
October 18- Pizza orders due
October 23- Picture day
October 25- Pizza Day

Have a nice weekend.
Ara Van Riel 

Some of the beautiful pumpkin art.

 Working on math

Printing names

Our trip to the beach!

Newsletter #6

October 18th Edition  of The Kindergarten Class News Happy Friday Everyone! We have had another eventful week. The class continue...