Friday, 22 December 2017

Newsletter #16

December 21st Edition of
The K/1 Class News

Hello Everyone!
Here is our last newsletter of the year!

On Monday the class had their dress rehearsal for the Christmas concert, practiced printing and reading, and played in the forest.

Tuesday was a snowstorm! We had 5 brave students in class. We still rehearsed our song, had centres time and joined the Elf class to make bird feeders. It was a fun day.

Wednesday was also a quiet day with 5 in attendance again because of the poor road conditions. Quentin came to share a book about the Native American 12 Days of Christmas, we had our school read-in and the class enjoyed doing special jobs like making snowflakes. Wednesday night was the Christmas Concert. The class did an amazing job singing their song and being an audience! We were all impressed with the number of families who made it out to watch. Thank you!

On Thursday the class had fun making gingerbread cookies in the morning. We had our Whole School Meeting and David, Franky, Cruiz and Roscoe presented their work. In the afternoon, the class enjoyed a class party and decorated their cookies. Thanks to the parents who sent in a snack to share! Everyone appreciated it.

Important dates to remember:
January 8 School re-opens
January 16 Elizabeth May visits

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday and we will see you next year!

Ara and Kaz

                   Making bird feeders in the Elf room

                         Quentin showing us his drum

                         Emma admiring eagle egg shells

                                               Sylvio playing in the snow


Thursday, 14 December 2017

Newsletter #15

December 14th Edition of
The K/1 Class News

Hi Everyone!
It was another beautiful week.

On Monday the class worked on printing and reading, practiced their puppet play and spent time exploring the forest.

Tuesday the class rehearsed their song for the concert, worked in their journals, practiced their puppet play and had Roots of Empathy. The class also helped make a book to give to Ms. Klare as a thank you on her last day.

Wednesday was pizza day! The kids are always excited about the yummy lunch. We made snowman ornaments, had “just right reading” and talked about the school rules (Be kind to self, Be kind to others, and Be kind to the environment). We also had a “dress rehearsal” of the puppet play.  

On Thursday the class went to gym to practice our song on the stage. They are getting very good at singing! The K’s also practiced rhyming while the 1’s unscrambles words. Everyone was very excited to perform the puppet play. I sent out a video for those who couldn’t be there.

We were all sad to say goodbye to Ms. Klare on Thursday. We have loved having her here and we will miss her. Luckily, she will be back soon as a Teacher On Call.

We will be having a class party on the last day of school in the afternoon (next Thursday). If you are able to send a snack to share we would appreciate it. Also, please remember to bring home any boots or jackets your child will need over the break.

Important dates to remember:
December 18 Dress rehearsal for the Christmas Concert at 8:30am
December 19 Christmas Concert arrive at 6pm, concert at 6:30pm
December 21 Last day of school before Winter Break begins. Class party in the afternoon.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Ara and Kaz

                           The Mitten Puppet Play

Mina and Ava practicing a reading program

                                     David playing "space ship" in the forest

                                                  Some of our snowman ornaments 

                              Practicing the puppet play

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Newsletter #14

December 7th Edition of
The K/1 Class News

Hello Everyone!
Our weeks now seem to be packed full of special events and activities. A busy and fun time of year for all!

On Monday the class worked on printing and reading, went to the library, and started working on “The Mitten” booklet. We also had a lot of fun playing animal charades.

Tuesday the class had the last Oral Language groups of the term where we worked on categories. We also wrote in our journals, went outside and had Roots of Empathy.

Wednesday was an exciting day! We were math detectives in the morning and then we went to the Christmas Tree Farm next to the school and chose a tree for the school lobby. We were welcomed to the farm with hot chocolate, cookies and a bon fire. It was a very fun outing and the kids were excited to have the Gr. 4-5 class join us. Later we decorated the tree, learned about feelings and did a sewing project. Pizza orders were sent home.

On Thursday the class went to the Re-gift Fest and chose gifts to give to the members of their immediate family. We also had music and made decorations for the Christmas concert with our big buddies.

Next Thursday the kids will be putting on a puppet play of “The Mitten” at 2:00pm. You are invited to come and watch!

Important dates to remember:
December 13 Pizza day
December 19 Christmas Concert arrive at 6pm, concert at 6:30pm
December 14 Ms. Klare’s last day/puppet play at 2:00pm
December 22 Winter Break begins

We hope you enjoy your weekend!

Ara and Kaz

                    Sorting buttons in a math activity

                        On our way to the Christmas Tree Farm

                                     Hot chocolate!
                               We found the tree!

                                           All set up by the children

                        Dayton and Roscoe sewing away

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