Friday, 26 January 2018

Newsletter #19

January 26th Edition of
The K/1 Class News

Hi Everyone!
Another week goes by. Here is a recap of some of the things we did.

On Monday there was no school.   

Tuesday we continued learning about rhyming in our oral language groups and played some high pace tag games in the gym to help calm some of the wiggles of the group. We also wrote about our weekend in our journals, the kids had a lot to say! On Tuesday we started our home reading program with the kindies (the grade 1’s have already begun). Please take a few minutes each day to read with your child and return the book each day. If you can keep the book and green reading log together in the planner it would be appreciated.

On Wednesday we welcomed Jodi Streelasky, from UVIC, in to observe our class. Jodi will be visiting our class periodically throughout the year. An information/consent form was sent home on Wednesday. Please have a look and return it to school. Wednesday we practiced math, using tens frames, and learned about tally marks in the outdoor classroom.

Thursday we practiced reading sight words, Franky and Emma presented at Whole School Meeting and the kids went to Music. Later we combined art and math and made number rain clouds pictures.

On Friday we did printing practice, made rain clouds, and did a scavenger hunt in the forest. We played a describing game with some of Kaz's natural treasures. We closed our eyes and described the object without saying what it was, before opening our eyes we guessed what was in our hands. Sometimes we were right and other times we were surprised.

Family Math Night is coming up on Thursday, February 8th. Families are welcome to come to the gym and explore math games and puzzles in the Math Playground. We will have a short information session for parents to learn about how math instruction has changed and how parents can support their children in math learning at home. The Math Playground will be open in the gym from 6-7:30 pm and we will have the parent info session around 7 pm. We hope that many of you join us for this event.

Important dates to remember:
January 29 Hoop Dance presentation
February 8 Family Math Night 6pm
February 12 Family Day (no school)
February 14 Valentines Day
February 16 School in session
February 28 Pink Shirt Day

Ara and Kaz


     Emma, Lizzy and Franky showing off their shelter built out of fallen branches.

 The kids all took turns holding the baby doll gently during Roots of Empathy.

                                                  Some of our snow-people.

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