Thursday, 18 January 2018

Newsletter #18

January 18th Edition of
The K/1 Class News

Hello Everyone!
It is nice to see the skies are getting lighter as the days grow longer.

Monday we started learning about the ‘Nn’ team. We practiced printing and worked on throwing and catching in the gym.

On Tuesday we continued learning about rhyming in our oral language groups and practiced rolling at a target in gym. We also welcomed baby Max in during Roots of Empathy! The kids are always so happy to see him and note the growth he has made. Later, we enjoyed the sunshine in the forest and visited our special trees.

Wednesday we practiced counting using domino addition. The class learned about proper hand washing and what germs are. After recess the primary classes were visited by Ann Donahue, a local author. Ann showed the kids a beautiful slideshow of pictures of different animals that live in coral reefs. Ann is a scuba diver and has published the children’s book, “Dive into Colours”. The kids all enjoyed seeing the beautiful pictures and then later hearing the story. We followed them ocean theme throughout the day.

On Thursday we talked about the seasons and wrote about what happens in winter. The class also had Music class, art and participated in our Whole School Meeting. Thanks to those families who sent in change to contribute to the Change for Community collection. The kids were happy to get out to the forest in the afternoon and we identified a few different types of buds on the trees and bushes just waiting for warmer days. 

Next week we will begin our home reading program for the Kindergarten students. The goal is for the children to read the book they bring from school with you each night and then return it the following day to switch it for a new one. You can help your child record the title of the book they read and the date it was read in their reading log. Once they have filled up their log they get a little prize. Keeping the log and book in the planner will help them from getting lost. Happy reading!

Important dates to remember:
January 22 No School
January 26 School in session
January 29 Hoop Dance presentation

We hope you have a nice weekend and that you are staying well.

Ara and Kaz 
                                   Using dominos in math

               Ann Donahue talking about her book, "Dive into Colours" 

                                  The kids playing together in the forest

                               Jude using his found rock tool to cut a branch

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