Thursday, 13 September 2018

Newsletter #1

September 13th Edition of
The Kindergarten Class News

Hello families! 
I hope you enjoy hearing about what we are up to each week as the year progresses through this blog. 

We had an exciting first week as a whole class.  Everyone is learning about the expectations and routines at school and the kids are catching on quickly. Well done!

The students have enjoyed getting to know each other this week and have had lots of fun learning about names and spending time in nature. They are also learning how to play safely with each other in the gym and outdoors.

On Monday we made pom-pom first initials, charted all of the class birthdays and visited the library. Next Monday the children will be able to sign out a library book to take home. Please return the book each week so they can exchange it every Monday. In the afternoon we went outside and experimented with objects that sink or float and explored the forest. 

Tuesday we welcomed Olive and Colleen (our speech and language experts) in to read a book about Whole Body Listening. A handout about this was sent home in the planner. Ask your child to tell you about it if you wish. We also played around with writing our names in shaving cream and hand a nature scavenger hunt. It was a stormy afternoon and the kids were all excited to hear thunder.

On Wednesday we read a book about apples and created apple tree art. We continued to work on playing safely and cooperatively in the gym and Kaz came in to start a unit on friendship. We then spent the afternoon in the forest.

Thursday we practiced our alphabet knowledge, went to our second Whole School Meeting and had Music class. We also took a walk to the bog near the school and had our school Terry Fox Run. It was clear everyone was tired out by the end of the week but we still enjoyed our day.

Thank you to those of you who have already sent in school supplies, the class fee ($20) and the planner fee ($6.50). It is appreciated.

On Wednesday, September 20 there will be an early dismissal and students will be ready for pick up at 11:30. This is to facilitate the “Tell me about your child” meetings in the afternoon. As we have all just met, I don’t think it is necessary to meet again so soon. However, if you have anything at all you would like to discuss, please let me know and we can set up a time that afternoon between 12:00-3:00. 

Important Dates to Remember
September 19 Early dismissal
September 25 Orange Shirt Day (info to come)

We have a wonderful and enthusiastic group of children in the class. I know that it will be a happy and exciting year for all of us! 

Ara Van Riel

Here are some photos of our time together so far!

Centres time

Morning table jobs

Learning and exploring in nature

Shaving cream names

Apple tree art

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