Thursday, 17 May 2018

Newsletter #33

May 17th Edition of
The K/1 Class News

Hi everyone, here we are halfway through May already! This time of year is often hard on the children. It stays light later so many kids may have a harder time getting to sleep early enough. This does have an impact on their energy levels and behaviours at school. We encourage starting the bedtime routine early enough to allow a good sleep on school nights. Blackout blinds (or a dark sheet over the window) can do wonders!

On Monday we worked outside on soccer skills, started a game called, “Who am I?” where the kids can only ask “yes or no” questions for clues. We went to the library and then finished off the “Who am I” game, complete with animals face paint! We also worked on printing and played in the forest. Monday we celebrated Franky’s birthday!

Tuesday baby Max came to visit, we did a writing activity based on our Spirit Animals and had our last Oral Language Groups of the year. 

On Wednesday we looked at all of the ways to make the number 10, enjoyed a Story Walk outside and made totem poles stories. Later we talked about some more uses of the cedar tree and started a weaving type craft outside. The choir performed for the Volunteer Appreciation Tea, and everyone was impressed with their lovely song. Tuesday was Sylvio’s birthday!

Thursday the kids loved free choice in gym, played sight word Bingo and went to Whole School Meeting. Thanks to those who sent change in for our community fundraiser. The kids went to Music class and later we took part in nature art with Lisa. Thursday was Jan and Jasmijn’s last day with us this year. We will all miss them! 

Important dates to remember:
May 21 No School
May 23 Primary Fun Day 
May 24 Class and school photos
May 25 Jump Rope for Heart
May 25 School in session
May 31 Magician at Fulford

Have a nice long weekend,
Ara and Klare
Morning word work.

Using string and sticks to make 'God's Eyes'.

Partner work during nature art.

 Drawing time.



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