Thursday, 30 November 2017

Newsletter #13

November 29th Edition of
The K/1 Class News

Hello Everyone!
On Monday the class practiced printing, went the library (after a couple missed weeks) and practiced “just right” reading.

Tuesday the class was very excited to meet baby Max (our Roots of Empathy baby). Baby Max is 3 months old and was curiously looking around at the children. On Tuesday we also played in the gym, wrote our names in nature and practiced making life cycles in our Oral Language groups. The kids were all given a book to take home called, “Good Morning Canada”, this is yours to keep courtesy of scholastic!

Wednesday was a half-day to accommodate the student led conferences. The children had a chance to practice each station during the day and were excited to show their families what they have been learning.

On Thursday the class went to Whole School Meeting where many children brought in their spare change to donate to cancer research. We collect change each Thursday if you ever feel like sending some in for your child to contribute. On Thursday we also made bird feeders with our buddies and had Music class.

Please remember to bring in any lightly used items to the Re-gift Fest donation room. We encourage families to donate the same number of items as the number of people in their immediate family.

The lyrics to “Santa Bring Me Snow” were sent home on Thursday. If you find time to help go over the words with your child it would be appreciated. Here is a link to the song if you would like to hear it:

Thanks to those who have returned the Roots Of Empathy consent form. If you have any questions about the program, don’t hesitate to ask

Important dates to remember:
December 6 Fieldtrip to the Christmas tree farm
December 7 Re-gift Fest “shop”
December 19 Christmas Concert 6pm
December 22 Winter Break begins

Enjoy your weekend!

Ara and Kaz

                      Making life cycles in our Oral Language groups

                                  Writing our names with sticks!

                   Roscoe was proud of his "hi" he wrote in nature. 

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